Past AFF Editions

AFF 2019 Edition

Hosted by FITSPA, FinTech Association of Uganda

Key achievements:

  • Formalisation and inauguration of Africa FinTech Network.
  • Provided the platform for the official take-off of UK-Africa FinTech Investment Group.
  • Increased membership for the FinTech Association of Nigeria.
  • Facilitated engagements with stakeholders and relevant Government agencies.
  • Initiated discussions on the creation of the draft FinTech Adoption Roadmap for the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission.

AFF 2018 Edition

Hosted by the FinTech Association of Nigeria

Key achievements:

  • Implementation and development of policies and regulatory frameworks pertinent to creating an enabling environment for harnessing Financial Technology in Uganda.
  • Increase of FITSPA membership base post-event.
  • Industry recognition & creation of a unified voice for the Uganda FinTech ecosystem.
  • Solidified partnerships with FinTechs, banks, insurance companies, MNOs.
    Creation of investment opportunities for deeper penetration of financial services.