Opportunities to participate at the Africa Fintech Festival now Open!

We announce birthing of the Africa Fintech Festival AFF. In furtherance of our drive to transform, enable and facilitate continental technology drive, collaboration and wider market access, the National Fintech Conference series in Nigeria takes a new and even broader outlook following the immensely successful editions of its conference in the past couple of years. The overwhelming demand to replicate the conference series across Africa, with fresh requests for new content, extended duration with diverse activities and an array of creatively disruptive technology solutions and products keeps pouring in from both domestic African and other international stakeholders. We appreciate the strong positive feedback on the direct impact felt within the Nigerian economy, as a result of the excellent opportunities that were afforded to the entire ecosystem in the course of previous editions.


The 3rd National Fintech Conference in Nigeria

The impact of fintech continues to permeate all sectors, keeping sectoral incumbents on their toes as competitive advantages give way to technological disruption, innovation and more customer- centric offerings. On the other hand, regulators and policymakers continue to grapple with the emergent demand for appropriate policy and regulatory frameworks that will support and advance the thriving and dynamic fintech industry.

There is little doubt that Africa is fast becoming the toast of global and local fintech investors, as evidenced by the volume of funds being channeled into the continent's fintech startups. According to Financial Focus Journal of PwC “In Africa, fintech investments is estimated to have increased by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 58% between 2014 and 2016 to $800 million, and could possibly be valued at $3 billion by 2020, with Nigeria and South Africa receiving a significant portion of these investments”. Non-governmental organisations have also been relentless in funding innovation, in order to drive financial inclusion in sub-Sahara Africa, thereby reducing poverty and engendering conditions that improve living conditions on the continent.

The African Fintech Festival Series is poised to play pivotal roles in opening up market access across Africa for finTechs and tech enabled innovative products thereby creating home-grown solutions to the peculiar African real world challenges while fostering cross border policy regime for innovators and playing a leading role in ensuring the practical achievements of objectives of African initiatives such as the African Continental Free Trade Area and invariably Agenda 2063 of the African Union.

Themed "Beyond the hype of Fintech and its promises" the 3rd National Fintech Conference in Nigeria which kicks off the Africa Fintech Festival (AFF) series is a week-long festival with two days of main conference and various other engaging side attractions running throughout the week of 3rd December 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria. It presents an opportunity to address the promises and future of fintech, especially in the African context. The AFF has a pan- African outlook as it will hold in several African countries on a regular basis. The Lagos edition features engaging and interactive activities during the Main conference on 4th and 5th December 2018. The event will focus on entrepreneurial opportunities for fintechs adoption, innovation, job creation and ICT contributions to the growth of the economy. Strategic roadmap for key subjects of global interest such as Financial Inclusion, Regulatory Technology - Regtech, Cybersecurity, Blockchain Technology, Data Security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics, Startup Scale-Up and a host of other novel subjects will be drawn and sustained through interactions within key stakeholders at the national, continental and global levels.

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