the africa fintech festival



Unlocking Africa's fintech potential through open collaboration

  • 16th to 18th June 2021


The Africa Fintech Festival is a concept created by the Africa Fintech Network, first launched in Nigeria in 2018 to address the future of fintech in the African context. The 2019 edition was held in Uganda to discuss the role of fintechs in Africa’s digital economy.

We are proud to announce that Mauritius has been chosen to host the Africa Fintech Festival in 2020!

  • Showcase Pan-African FinTech ecosystems to the rest of the world

  • Facilitate linkages and encourage partnerships across startups and member associations, focusing on Africa

  • Provide a platform to discuss regulatory landscape and opportunities for Pan-African collaboration

  • Provide opportunities for learning and experiential workshops


  • Early Bird Fee


  • venue

  • date

    16th to 18th
    June 2021

  • *free

    *Free for local
    students, hub
    members and NGOs

Event context & background

Mauritius Africa Fintech Hub (MAFH) is a public-private initiative launched and fully supported by the Government of Mauritius. The ecosystem is made up of entrepreneurs, corporations, governments, tech experts, investors, financial service providers, universities and research institutions who can collaborate to build cutting- edge solutions for the emerging African market.

With FinTech on the rise and its predicted future growth, particularly in Africa, MAFH aims to position Mauritius as a hub to and from Africa for local, pan-African and global businesses to create and strengthen partnerships between fintech companies,

corporates and investors. The continent has so far already seen the adoption of fintech innovations that are solving real challenges that people face in their day to day lives.

With the help of partnerships, networks and bilateral investment agreements already in existence between the Mauritian government and some African states, MAFH will focus on actively developing processes that will accelerate cross-border FinTech education, business integration and growth, ensuring that each local ecosystem can seamlessly integrate into the wider pan-African ecosystem, for the benefit of all the stakeholders.

About MAFH

The Mauritius Africa Fintech Hub (MAFH) launched in October 2018 with the objective to promote Mauritius as one of the Fintech Innovation Hub for Africa.

MAFH exists to bring together Mauritius and Pan-African regulators, corporates, small businesses, academia and all other stakeholders to collaborate in the FinTech space, that will empower African FinTech into the future. MAFH is an initiative supported and pioneered by the Mauritian government, in collaboration with the private sector, as announced in the 2017/2018 budget speech. As an association and NGO at heart, MAFH is here to serve the ecosystem in an open and collaborative manner.

MAFH’s vision is to create a Pan-African FinTech ecosystem, through open collaboration by all key stakeholders, in order to build a successful FinTech Hub which attracts and retains talent, innovations and investment into the African continent. Ultimately MAFH believes that collaboration will lead to cutting-edge solutions for financial inclusion in the emerging African market.

About AFN

Africa Fintech Network (AFN) is a platform that unites Africa fintech leaders, organizations and stakeholders through their country associations to exchange information and ideas, promote and support creation of innovative technologies and deployment across and beyond Africa. The network also serves as a platform for advocacy and coordinated regulatory interactions. Currently 29 African countries and jurisdictions form part of this network, with the executive board members being:

  • 1. Dr. Segun Aina, (Nigeria) – President
  • 2. Noha Shaker, (Egypt) – Vice President
  • 3. Alex Sea, (Cote D’Ivoire) – Vice President
  • 4. Zianah Muddu, (Uganda) – General Secretary
  • 5.Hohete Berhan Arefeanie, (Ethiopia)
  • 6. Andrew De Kock, (South Africa)
  • 7. Papa Mbaye Dieye, (Senegal)
  • 8. Olivier Mugabonake, (Rwanda)
  • 9. Michal Szymanski, (Mauritius)